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Rezoning Review - Multiple properties on Old Northern and Derriwong Roads. Dural

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9315 21 Derriwong Road, Dural NSW.PSI1.v2 final.pdf
9315 600 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW.PSI3.v3 final.pdf
9315 27 Derriwong Road, Dural NSW.PSI1.v2 final.pdf
9315 602 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW.PSI4.v2 final.pdf
9315 618 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW.PSI6.v2 final.pdf
Appendix A - Application Form.pdf
Appendix A - Urban Design Report (A3).pdf
Appendix B - Residential Market Assessment.pdf
Appendix B2 - ordinary_council_meeting_minutes_13_december_2016.pdf
Appendix C - Assessment of New Agricultural Enterprise Viability in Dural.pdf
Appendix D - Planning Proposal Report.pdf
Appendix D - Traffic and Transport Assessment.pdf
Appendix E - Ecological Assessment.pdf
Appendix F - Bushfire Assessment.pdf
Appendix G - Heritage Impact Statement.pdf
Appendix K - Infrastrastructure Servicing Connections Report.pdf
Appendix L - Acoustic Assessment.pdf
Cheque and Proposal form.pdf
Council Letter dated 15 August 2016.pdf
Infrastructure Letter - Northern Lots.pdf
Infrastructure Letter - Southern Lots.pdf
Letter to Council dated 2 December 2016.pdf
Letter to Council dated 24 August 2016.pdf
Rezoning Review Request Report.pdf
Site Survey.pdf
STC-18-10130 5 Derriwong Road Dural NSW PSI2 v2 final.pdf
STC-18-10130 7 Derriwong Road, Dural NSW.PSI4.v2 final.pdf
STC-18-10130 584 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW.PSI1.v2 final.pdf
STC-18-10130 590 Old Northern Road Dural NSW PSI3 v2 final.pdf
STC-18-10130 606 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW.PSI5.v2 final.pdf
Attachment A - Locality Map.pdf
Attachment D - Indicative Layout Plan.pdf
Attachment E - Letter from the Hills Council.pdf
Attachment F - Council's detailed response to Rezoning Review assessment criteria.pdf
Site Photo - Derriwong Road.pdf
Site Photo - Dural Round Corner Centre.pdf
Site Photo - Surrounding Developoments along Old Northern Road.pdf
Site Photo - Surrounding Low Density Residential development to the South to Derriwong Road.pdf
Site Photo - The Site - Along Old Northern Road.pdf
Site Photo - The Site - Rural residential dwellings along Derriwong Road.pdf
Decision 2017SWC031.pdf