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Insert seniors housing into land-use table for B1 Neighbourhood Centre, amend FSR and Height of Buildings , and introduce savings provision for 4-18 Northwood Road and 274 and 274A Longueville Road Lane Cove

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Rezoning review cover letter.pdf
Appendix 1 - Survey.pdf
Appendix 2 - Traffic Report.pdf
Appendix 3 - Urban Design Report.pdf
Appendix 4 - Contamination Report.pdf
Appendix 5 - Arborist Report.pdf
Appendix 6 - Flora and Fauna.pdf
Appendix 7 - Communications Report.pdf
Appendix 8 - Traffic Survey.pdf
Appendix A - PP - Northwood - FINAL.pdf
Appendix B.pdf
Appendix C.pdf
Tree Location Plan.pdf
Council's Response to Request for a Pre-Gateway Review for Northwood Shops Planning Proposal.pdf
2017SNH022 PGR Advice Report 2 May 2017.pdf