Rezoning Details

Lodgement Date 30-01-2020
Title 524-542 Pacific Highway, St Leonards (Telstra Exchange)
Summary Rezoning Review to rezone the land from B3 Commercial Core to B4 Mixed Use, amend the maximum building height from 72m to 182m and amend the maximum FSR from 17.1:1 to 21.3:1 including a minimum non-residential FSR of 4.1:1.
Status Rezoning Review not supported by Planning Panel or Commission
LGA Lane Cove
Number RR_2020_LANEC_002_00
Reason for Request Council has failed to indicate its support 90 days after the proponent has submitted a request.
Decision Date 21-05-2020
Decision Do not proceed to Gateway

Address:524-542 Pacific Highway St Leonards 2065 Lot/Section/DP:Lots 7-9, Lot 17, Lots A, B, C, D / DP 3175, DP 43329, DP 377423